My Skincare Journey

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In August of 2021, I broke out really bad on my face, I tried EVERYTHING but nothing seemed to work.

You can imagine how frustrated I was, stressed out & depressed! I did some research online to figure out some naturally driven methods to combat my breakout, especially because I was already making natural bath products.


I tried numerous combinations of ingredients and tested the products on myself and achieved remarkable results!


The products that I developed that were tried and true were:

All Clear Acne bar-used to wash my face day & night.

Face Perfector bundle, which includes:

Jadé Oil Face Cleanser- used 2x per week for a deep clean.

Rosé Face Toner-spritz on face after cleansing.

Lavender Bliss Face Oil Moisturizer-used to moisturize my face after using the toner.

Brightening Face Serum w/ 2% Alpha-Arbutin- used before moisturizing with our Lavender Bliss.




If you or someone you know are struggling with skin issues then I highly recommend these products.

1 comment

  • Stacey white-Morris

    This is a true statement..I’ve personally known you for many years and I’m proud of you skin care journey and achievements.

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