Toners have recently become an integral part of everyday skincare. These are anti-inflammatory agents and exfoliants that are applied after cleansing and before you apply night cream or serum. Toners penetrate the skin and 

  • help bind moisture to the skin
  • remove dead skin cells 
  • clear clogged pores and shrink them
  • make your skin clean, hydrated and ready to accept the healthy benefits of the following skin product you apply
  • restore your pH


It is important to keep the pH of your skin around 5.5, which is a slightly acidic environment. This acid mantle, a mixture of sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells protects us from pollutants and keeps us bacteria free.  Disturbing this barrier can cause disorders like dermatitis, acne or candida infections. The pH of our skin is delicate and easily disrupted. Stress, diet, lack of exercise or simply just luck of fluids are all factors. Cleansers tend to be alkaline and when applied the skin tends to overproduce oil in order to restore its original pH.

Natural facial toner, when applied after the cleansing, helps us restore the pH of our skin and keep our skin healthy.

 Rose water is our star ingredient in this product. Made of rose petals (rosa damascena) and distilled water, rose water is best known for its soothing, refreshing and hydrating effects on the skin. A rich source of antioxidants, rose water strengthens skin cells and regenerates skin tissue. 


Clean your face with our Jadé Face oil deep cleanser, then spray the toner 2x-4x onto your face and massage or apply with pads all over your face. Follow with our Lavender Bliss Face oil moisturizer.



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