Control Oily Skin by using an Oil Moisturizer

Skin produces oil primarily because it's dehydrated. It's basically your body's way of correcting something that's wrong in your skin, so it produces oil in an attempt to hydrate the surface.
But...if you hydrate the skin properly your face will definitely be less greasy. We highly recommend moisturizing your skin with oil (I know I know).
After all, we have been led to believe that oil should be kept far, far away from our faces. For years, we have scoured skincare product labels for the words “oil-free” before giving them the green-light to make contact with our skin. These products are packed with alcohol that actually dehydrate the skin making it more oily!
Oil has been used in natural skincare for ages and is certainly making a comeback.
Many natural beauty aficionados swear by adding an oil in your skincare routine as a way of keeping skin clean, clear, healthy, and vibrant.
I myself am totally obsessed with face oils, and credit them for transforming my skin and helping me finally get rid of my adult acne! After attacking my skin with harsh, kill-all-the-bacteria-ever skincare products (and using way too many of them) face oils provided the soothing relief my skin so desperately needed.
If you add an oil into your skincare routine (the right type of oil) I guarantee you within 3-4 weeks (your face will need time to adjust) your oil production during the day will be 60-70% less than it was before adding an oil in your skincare routine.
We recommend using our Lavender Bliss Face and Décolleté Moisturizing Oil
This lightweight formula is crafted from a blend of nourishing botanicals, luxurious oils (Grapeseed-infused with rose petals-rosa damascena, argan, sweet almond, rosehip and vitamin E) to heal and moisturize the skin's barrier, promote a healthy radiance, and protect against environmental damage. And it WILL NOT clog your pores!

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