Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer

Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer
Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer
Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer
Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer

Lavender Bliss Oil Moisturizer

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LAVENDER BLISS Face & Décolleté Oil Moisturizer
The dual-action facial and décolleté oil your daily routine was craving. This lightweight formula is crafted from a blend of nourishing botanicals, luxurious oils (Grapeseed-infused with rose petals-rosa damascena, argan, sweet almond, rosehip and vitamin E) to heal and moisturize the skin's barrier, promote a healthy radiance, and protect against environmental damage.
Made with oils that are closest to our skin’s natural sebum, may help to accelerate the healing of skin cells, may prevent and help treat acne, may help to reduce redness and inflammation, all while retaining moisture without being oily. Lavender Bliss is the ultimate nourishing oil that gives your face a natural glow! Lavender Bliss may help improve skin's elasticity which may help to prevent and reduce stretch marks, making it great for expecting mothers! 
May help with the following:
Fights acne✔️
Wound healing✔️
Sun protection✔️
Reduces puffiness & under-eye circles✔️
Boosts Collagen formation✔️
Helps w/hyperpigmentation✔️
Skin brightener✔️
Reduce inflammation✔️
Reduce scars✔️
Reduce fine lines✔️
Black heads✔️
White heads✔️
Improves skin's elasticity & Softness ✔️
Smooths fine lines✔️ 
Prevents & reduces Stretch marks✔️ 
Prevents premature aging✔️ 
Effectively increases skin tone✔️ 
Nourishes & Regenerates✔️ 
✓ Organic Argan oil
✓ Organic Grapeseed oil infused with dried roses (Rosa Damascena)
✓ Organic Sweet Almond oil
✓ Organic Rosehip seed oil
✓ Vitamin E oil
✓ Organic Lavender essential oil
✓ Dried Lavender
✓ Dried Rose Petals (Rosa Damascena)
For best results, apply three to four drops of the oil to a clean face and décolleté and gently and carefully massage in continuous upward circular motions for about a minute. This helps to stimulate blood flow, lift and contour the face, and deliver the oil’s potent ingredients to the skin.
For your smoothest and most luminous skin, apply Lavender Bliss morning and night after cleansing. 
Pregnant women, apply Lavender Bliss liberally to affected areas.

*Note: Each product is formulated by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We make the recipe from scratch with full control of all the ingredients.

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