How To Make Soap Last Longer In The Shower

Posted by Soyica Simms on

Handmade natural soap is very different compared to soap made from surfactants. Handmade soap is made with natural oils and produces lather naturally. Lather from most store bought soaps come from surfactants or detergents. Synthetic surfactants are harsher on the skin, and can strip the skin of moisture. That’s why handmade soap is so fantastic for sensitive skin, and why soap from the store can leave the skin feeling dry and overly “squeaky clean.”

While handmade natural soap has many skin benefits, one downside is that handmade soap does not last as long in the shower as soap made from surfactants and detergents. Our number one tip is to place your soap in a dish that drains (not flat on the tile or in a non-draining dish) and ensure that it does not get wet between uses, if the soap sits in water for too long, it will become mushy and soft very quickly. 


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